Sunday, November 15, 2009

Entry to Tata Gala

I combined an assignment of "Modernizing a Myth" with the show TATA GALA that opened yesterday in Florida. Not only are there some awesome illustrators there but it's a fundraiser for breast cancer research. Since amazons have one breast for their quivers in archery, i associated it with mastectomies.

Usually I'd say crits welcome, but I think I've scrutinized this thing so much I've just kind of killed it. Oh well, I learned a couple things. The foremost being that I need to paint more often. The second being that female anatomy is the bane of my existence. I actually edited this more via quality print after sending it into the gallery. She used to have quite a butt.

Your picture is finished if it is one-third as good as your original idea."
-Howard Pyle

Oil on Wood panel

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  1. screw what other people say, this is your best painting, bravo.