Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thumbs for illustration final

after the advice, here's what im working with. every thing is still up in the air though, esp. regarding the action of the debris. it needs to look more like an arm but still have the movement.

Okay guys, I really want some advice as to which to do. I included the first image just to explain that the debris is actually the golem's arm, it's actually a sidewalk that came to life yada yada. anyways, im pretty set on doing it in a horizontal format, despite action scenes usually being vertical. Some here are more effective than others, but i can't really decide which to do. if you guys have some advice on any particular one to make it more successful, please tell me!

note- im not sure if im going to do it traditionally or digitally. ill decide that later.

thanks guys!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shellac-filled fun!

Graphite, gouache, acrylic, amber shellac.

This is a four page spread in my sketchbook. That's right, not two but four. Had a lot of fun doing this. It's sort of a preview of something I'm working on for narrative class.
Unfortunately the scanner was converting them to black and white despite it being in color mode. I'm not too good with the machines, so I'll upload the color version at some other time.

Monday, November 16, 2009


We had to do a movie poster, so a friend recommended me the movie Cashback. Long story short this guy freezes time and draws pretty girls. I tried drawing her eyes five times until the matte duralar was too scratched to even hold the charcoal. I just couldn't get them right. So it goes.

Influenced by Sam Weber and early 20th century surrealist Oscar Dominguez. Oscar pushed and pulled gouache in a similar way to create really nifty textures.

charcoal, ink, a bit of photoshop

Here are some fairly quick sketches of my friend who really don't hold too much of a likeness, but were still fun to do with a 4B

graphite on toned rives

This is just outside my bedroom window. I don't draw observationally enough, but I'll be doing much more if it next semester.

pen on lightweight rives

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Entry to Tata Gala

I combined an assignment of "Modernizing a Myth" with the show TATA GALA that opened yesterday in Florida. Not only are there some awesome illustrators there but it's a fundraiser for breast cancer research. Since amazons have one breast for their quivers in archery, i associated it with mastectomies.

Usually I'd say crits welcome, but I think I've scrutinized this thing so much I've just kind of killed it. Oh well, I learned a couple things. The foremost being that I need to paint more often. The second being that female anatomy is the bane of my existence. I actually edited this more via quality print after sending it into the gallery. She used to have quite a butt.

Your picture is finished if it is one-third as good as your original idea."
-Howard Pyle

Oil on Wood panel