Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thumbs for illustration final

after the advice, here's what im working with. every thing is still up in the air though, esp. regarding the action of the debris. it needs to look more like an arm but still have the movement.

Okay guys, I really want some advice as to which to do. I included the first image just to explain that the debris is actually the golem's arm, it's actually a sidewalk that came to life yada yada. anyways, im pretty set on doing it in a horizontal format, despite action scenes usually being vertical. Some here are more effective than others, but i can't really decide which to do. if you guys have some advice on any particular one to make it more successful, please tell me!

note- im not sure if im going to do it traditionally or digitally. ill decide that later.

thanks guys!


  1. Yea dude, I'd definitely go with the 4th or last one. The fact that the dynamic poses of the figure as well as it's placement in the foreground is showing a great contrast with the golem and it's really giving you a sense of how huge this monster's supposed to be.

    As far as media goes, I'd say either digital, or oil. I think a good person to look at for inspiration would be Greg Manchess. Can't wait to see how this turns out man.

  2. i tnink 3 and 4 are working the best of the horizontals. It may because it seems slightly more finished, but the depth and scale difference is clear and the composition really accelerates your eye up the golem. also, i'm not sure if it's intended but i like the almost vertical horizon (bad band and bad pun) formed by the grey meeting the white just over the character's right shoulder. I think if you kept the size of the figure in 3 and moved him slightly to right as to be more in line with the flow of pavement, it would make for a real swell piece. real swell!

  3. Out of these, I think the 4th one works most effectively. Both 3 and 4 convey a dynamic low camera angle, but 4th one definately pulls off stronger involvement with the viewer while the 3rd one seems safer due to its flatness of perspective and extra spaces conpared to 4th.
    I really like the atmosphere that already been developed at such early stage in the process and I'm looking forward seeing it complete! :)

  4. My favorite is actually the second - the tiny figure has a cool silhouette and makes the sidewalk explosion more dramatic for me. Just don't put the exclamation point in there if you do that one. I don't think you'd be wrong to go with 3 or 4, but I like that 2 is more about the rocks than the figure.

  5. I would say go with 4. The comp is strong but it could use a little more breathing room on the left. Media wise I would go traditional. I think with the stone or cement or whatever the golem's made out of you would be able to create better textures and handle it more interestingly this way. A grittier mood which I think would be great for this piece would also benefit from a traditional approach

  6. i love 2. but it does seem like the action would seem a little quiet. it feels like it would be a breather frame in the middle of the fight scene. i would kindof like to see a figure thats about halfway between the height of 3 and 4, so that he's not quite as large as the golem. i think it would be a little better balanced.

  7. I'm really loving number 4 because it definitely engages the viewer by pulling us into the image with the pushed perspective. It does, however, make the golem seem a bit less massive than in the other comps. Maybe if you incorporated a few signs and light posts getting really small in the distance it would help push the size you want. It may also add a bit of color if the golem is mostly going to be grays and browns.

    Also, I think it would be cool if you had some shards of concrete that were more pointing at the figure instead of being all sideways. might make a cool visual reference to fingers or something. and it'll definitely add more movement to the piece.

    As for the figure, I think trying out a bunch of different poses would be good. In the current one (in 1, 3, 4, and 7) his torso is sorta lining up with the edge of the image. I do like the pose in 6 though.

  8. Wow. These comments = illustration sausage fest. :P ANYWAY I'm glad you included the vertical one because it shows how much better the horizontal ones work. Are you doing the whole comic like that or just the splash pages? I think the format just gels with the story really well. It's more mythical, I guess.

    So at first I really liked the tiny figure/big golem thing, but compositionally I'm going to have to go with the majority - #4 is the best. It has the most depth, and if you messed around with atmospheric perspective (like making the golem a little bit bluish, a little bit out of focus) you could really emphasize that. You've probably already done this but look at Shadow of the Colossus promo art. Not to copy, obviously, but to see how it looks when it's handled really well. I also agree with what Jeremy said about the figure - that his back is lining up with the edge of the piece and is creating too much of a vertical. If you have him doing something more dynamic, i.e. clambering over the hand like he is in #6, it'd make it a lot more exciting. Actually speaking of #6, the more I look at it the more I like the big space on the left, like above the guy's head and around the golem, and how seemingly far away the golem is. It makes it seem gigantic, you know? Maybe take some cues from that piece and add them to the solid foreground of #4. Regardless I think this is going to end up pretty cool.

  9. AWWW! All you are the greatest! yeah Caitlyn I was thinking going with #4 but combining some of the elements of number 6 with it. All these helped clarify things, I really appreciate it guys!