Monday, November 16, 2009


We had to do a movie poster, so a friend recommended me the movie Cashback. Long story short this guy freezes time and draws pretty girls. I tried drawing her eyes five times until the matte duralar was too scratched to even hold the charcoal. I just couldn't get them right. So it goes.

Influenced by Sam Weber and early 20th century surrealist Oscar Dominguez. Oscar pushed and pulled gouache in a similar way to create really nifty textures.

charcoal, ink, a bit of photoshop

Here are some fairly quick sketches of my friend who really don't hold too much of a likeness, but were still fun to do with a 4B

graphite on toned rives

This is just outside my bedroom window. I don't draw observationally enough, but I'll be doing much more if it next semester.

pen on lightweight rives


  1. There is something really nice about these ones, maybe I'm just a sucker for nicely rendered things on tanned rives. I don't think it matters if they look like her or not.

  2. Agreed w/Zach. There's definitely character and life in those sketches. Also, I'm still marveling those textures on the duralar.

  3. sweet stuff. that first one is pretty bad ass.