Saturday, October 24, 2009

Three Fears

For sketchbook class we're assigned to illustrate our fears. I went for the obvious on this one. I'll post a couple more when they're finished. I also haven't really rendered something in quite awhile, so it was kind of nice to get back into that.

Fear no. 1: loss of eyes

Fear no. 2: loss of teeth

Fear no. 3: loss of left hand

Graphite, pen, Acrlyic, Oil on toned Rives


  1. OMG!!! your work is amazing...some times i dont realize how tallented mica ppl are because we dont see each other's work that much. VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!


  3. The technique really pulls these all together. I wonder what people would think if these pieces didn't have titles, also, I think the composition could be a little more surprising. overall though the execution is great.