Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Zodiac Assignment

We were assigned to make some spots for a magazine astrology column. I chose a Men's lifestyle magazine since my new years resolution has been to regularly work out (and I'm actually sticking to it!) Anyways, I feel like those things are usually cheesy as hell, but I kind of dove into the cheese factor by thinking up accompanying pieces of advice for each image depending on the sign's personality traits.

Sagittarius- You suffer from the mundane walls of the gym. You foster doing out doors and extreme sports. No one ever said you need to lift weights to get fit. However, don't tempt yourself with eats because when it comes to food, you can't resist.

Pisces- You feel swamped and intimidated from starting a new regiment, leaving you feeling stiff and tired. Don't fret, you don't need to start guns blazing. There's no shame in easing into it, increasing your commitment gradually.

Gemini- Don't get too bored while on the 'mill. Time doesn't have you be your enemy. Enjoying your favorite songs helps run the clock.

Ares- Calm down buddy, and don't burn yourself out. If you don't lay off the creatine soon people are going to think you're pumping 'roids.

Ink and photoshop

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