Saturday, March 6, 2010

Crumbs: The Story of a Homeless Guy

For Visual Journalism we were assigned to make a short sequential piece about Baltimore, namely Fells Point. This was pretty fun since I just kind of went with it and planned very little. The negative effect though is I lose track of how well it conveys, which this falls victim to. If you can't tell its a baguette.


  1. Great ink work, Craig; it's simple and beautifully contrasted, and your timing is spot-on. The only trouble I have with the visual-storytelling is that I can't quite make out the action of the man's hands crumbling the baguette -but that being said, the last panels in pages 2 & 3, as well as the title panel deliver the mood in flying monochrome! (har har)

  2. really cool and yes I could tell it was a baguette. That last panel is my favorite.