Monday, February 1, 2010

Entry to Society of Illustrators

Doing this has really made me realize the importance of pursuing one's own vision. The strong reference to Norman Rockwell was completely intentional, but over all it has left me feeling pretty unfulfilled. Though I'm happy that I hammered this out in around two weeks. The composition is also fairly similar to that piece I did last year here. I definitely feel like it's an improvement, mainly in lighting and color.

Here's the underpainting.

Oil on Rives BFK

I'll give you $50 bucks if you can guess whose face was referenced.

Just kidding.


  1. Dude, I love the color in this. Sweet job.

  2. Props on working so hard on this, given the extremely short deadline. It definitely shows, especially in the face and hands!

  3. wow craig this stuff is amazing, your work always seems to amaze me keep it up man

  4. yeah i was just gonna say that the color palette is much more mature/refined in this painting. the expression in the hands and arms is great, my favorite part :)

  5. looks GOOD! you are very motivated!!!

  6. Something weird inside of me wants to say that looks like Ron Paul...