Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Progress in Oils

Oil on 240 lb. Hot press Arches WC paper, 19x25"

I've been working on this painting for almost 3 months, on and off. It reaaally tested my patience at times, but I learned a lot from it and where I want to go in my future painitngs. The scan didn't really capture any of the luminosity and made his skin too purpley, but it's interested seeing some colors the scan revealed that I hadn't noticed.

The pages read from right to left in a pretty scattered way to tell the story of the boy/old man's life. I used really thin oil paint for the crayon marks. It was fun to jump back into my early days of drawing.



  1. This is fabulous. How long have you been working in oil?

  2. Very nice Craig, very nice! The scratches in the glazed oil really makes the crayon marks look waxy -- good effect!

  3. OMG amazing! wow.....this really makes me want to go break out the oils.

  4. Thanks guys, means a lot to me.

  5. i like this a lot.
    just got to this link through your fb. nice work! would love to see it in person; submit them to mica's showspace.