Monday, December 21, 2009

Empty pool (revised, now with a leaf!)

I've been chipping away at this for awhile, but I finally feel it's at a presentable stage. You can view the previous stage here.

All done in photoshop.
Blogger kind of messed up the color.


  1. oh hey! being stuck in baltimore WAS productive. i dig the colors and the leaf(!) but the pool floor still looks weird. i don't know if you're trying to pass it off as the shallow end going into the deep end or what but there are so many different heights. like the pool and on the wall. it's hard to explain without being able to literally point to the piece, but essentially some things are coming forward when they should be going back. ish.

  2. the shadow cast by the wall of the pool should spread out across the pool floor or something, i think.. maybe. also, try and get some sortof waterish look to the surface. you'll probably end up losing a lot of the detail that's below the surface, but i it'll work better.

  3. Yeah originally I wanted to have water, but with water comes reflection, and to make that convincing it proved really difficult. It's something I'll dive into in the future. (pun intended).

    And yeah Caitlyn I agree. I think the problem comes from the middle of the pool ground. It seems to dip in rather than rise up or something.

  4. Pretty sure that comes from having that darker, cooler splotch closer to the viewer....maybe move it to the far edge?