Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today's sketch

This is a beautiful cathedral in Mt. Vernon that doesn't actually have a giant bird's nest on top. I'm spending too much money on croquils because this paper wears them out so quickly. If any inkers out there have advice on how to preserve them I'd like to hear it.

Sat down by the railyard today to sketch for a few hours. It was fun! I get pretty sloppy so I make a ton of mistakes, but sometimes they grow on me.


  1. Nice, I'm really liking the way you're breaking this down into white and black.

  2. your second drawing i prefer to most of your finished illustration work ive seen. keep that play-fullness. gettin up there man.

  3. haha it looks like you where drawing those construction cone things and then turned them into people. sick drawing!


  4. I really like your style!
    Happy to have stumbled upon your work!

  5. wooowww this illustration is awsome. I just found your website and it really surprise me that you have different styles. Well this is one you should do more of.