Monday, July 5, 2010


I started this about a month or so ago, working on it on and off. I mainly wanted to practice skin tones and create a transparent lace effect. As usual a bunch of the colors are totally shot from inadequate documentation/scanning.

This piece is going to be included in the ICON 6: A Labor of Line show at Gallery Nucleus. It's pretty surreal to be showcased in a gallery I've admired for so long. Many thanks to Gallery Nucleus for giving me this opportunity!

The show opens July 16th and runs though August 9th.

Oil on linen, 9x12"

Here's my piece in the show! I'm fortunate enough to have attended the opening. If you're in the area I highly recommend checking it out.

Sorry for the severe lack of updates.

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  1. congrats craig! your work has literally improved exponentially... and it was really great to begin with so... wow. thats so amazing!! :)