Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've been wanting to do a portrait of my brother, Keith, for a loonnngggg time. This captures his personality pretty accurately. I think im going to paint over it, or at least do some washes.

Once again, now the photo reveals the errors in my proportions. His arms are too short! Also poor camera angle, making them even shorter.

charcoal, graphite, on tan rives bfk

fun preliminary stage here


  1. Dude, I like that the arms are too short! It's like your brother's a scared T-rex (which makes him even cooler then I'm sure he is).

    Love the rendering btw.

  2. This is awesome! The expression of the face is perfect and the strokes of light and dark on the hands and arms are wonderful! The arms are a little too short, but I think the distortion is fine and appears more expressive than inaccurate.

  3. I actually wrote what Kat wrote and then my internet crashed....and I did'nt feel like re-typing (true story).

  4. Holy hand/face rendering, Batman! You've done a sweet job giving volume & detail to the arms; I wouldn't try to push realistic proportions too much on them.
    Don't mind me asking, but is he posing for you or are you using any photo reference?
    Can't wait to see what you do with the washes.